Mystical and modern

In its most distant history, the building that houses the Hotel Peninsular was a convent of the Augustinian Order. What are now the guests' rooms were, in the old times, the monks' cells.

Another evidential trace from those times is a secret underground tunnel that used to connect the Saint Augustine church (situated in the back street) with the monks' chambers. This most probably was used during times of conflict and unrest.

The property was secularised and converted into a hotel in 1876. It was during the World Fair, which took place in Barcelona in 1888, when the building saw its birth as a hotel business.

After changing hands several times, the property was purchased in the 60s by its present owners, who undertook thorough restoration work in the 90s in order to improve the facilities and bring out the modernist elements of its architecture.

Today, the Hotel Peninsular is run by the third generation of the owners' family who, through care and dedication, have managed to create a warm familiar environment for their guests.